NIKKI LUNA 1977 Manila. Philippines.

Nikki Luna has been immersed in the stories of marginalized and vulnerable women for over a decade. Her practice is tied to communities and has woven their narratives into art, re-contextualizing their experiences from a place of oppression into a position of power. Luna is known for her body of work which primarily tackles social/political concerns with a feminist lens. It covers—and is not limited to—misogyny, women used as weapons in war, and women’s human rights. With her passion for Women and girl-child rights in developing countries, she remains committed in bringing attention to the plight of the Filipino children, women and the violations committed against them. Luna, continues to work with various NGOs, government agencies, international organizations, academe, international women partnerships and art institutions bringing art focused activities on how to strengthen women and human rights standard, implementing art healing/recovery programs for the women and children victims of gender-based violence and those displaced in conflict zones.

Nikki Luna is a Painting major graduate from the Universidad de Filipinas (UP) Fine Arts, she went on to take her art residency at the Cooper Union School of Art in New York. Luna, has represented the Philippines at the Cairo Biennale, Singapore Biennale, Aichi Japan Triennial, Beijing Biennale and continues to exhibit around the globe, A recipient of the UK Chevening Award 2018, Thirteen artist awardee of the Cultural Center Of The Philippines and former New York Asian Cultural Council grantee. Nikki Luna is the founder of independent feminist publish- ing house Power In Her Story, creating books focusing on mainstreaming women's human rights and gender equality, with emphasis on the needs of marginalized groups of girls and women.